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I have been an actress and model my whole life, over 50 years (can't believe that myself), acted in over 300 commercials, television shows, series regular, film, reality, webisodes, stage and runway modeling at a petite 5'1".

Coaching is a passion of mine and I have been doing it for years for friends and their children, now I am available to you! Love to coach children and teens too!
Coaching my son Zack to nail commercial auditions, he did 10 national and 15 regional his first year out at 10 years old! Also coached him to win auditions for feature films and television shows and finally a series regular role on Movie Stars for the WB. I coached him for every episode. Zack is now a Mechanical Engineer at Chromalloy!

I just love helping to bring you to your natural, comfortable zone so you can book that job.

I have studied with the best of the best to name a few classes and private teachers:


And I have also taken every class for branding and career building so I have a wealth of information and referrals to give you, who can really help you in your career, here are a few:

Great resources for free or low cost classes, on camera training, improv to name a few:



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