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PAID WORKSHOPS and my personal evaluation sheets


Everyone knows that the casting director is not the one who makes the final choice. The producers, directors and network or studio chooses who gets the role. As hard as a casting director fights sometimes! Do not be fooled.


The paid casting director workshops are not legal. There are FREE workshops out there.

I am not presenting these as my "qualifications" to coach, my resume and the results others have seen are my qualifications. My body of work, the people I studied and worked with through the years brought me to this point. NOT PAID WORKSHOPS

These are not here to endorse paid workshops, yes I paid at one time, before I knew better. These are here because I chose the right scene for myself, got good results, was called in and went to producers, booked three jobs, and I believe them to be honest evaluations of the choices I made and my ability as an actress.

The comments made by these casting directors are the kind of things I was working hard to do, layers, voice control, being real, believable and having them want to see more... I accomplished that, YOU CAN TOO.

I do not go to paid workshops anymore.

There are FREE workshops, through SAG AFTRA CAP and from certain casting directors and other venues too.

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