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Hollywood: The Upper Echelon is meant to help actors who are referred to the class by agents, managers, producers, directors and casting directors to learn the inside info from the professionals who hire and work with them so they are professionally savvy when they get to the business of our business!

First class begins on November 28th, 2020

1.Charles Arthur Berg - Producer /Exec Prod/ ( DGA )( PGA ) 11/28/20

2. Nick Veinberg Exec Prod/Prod12/02/20

3. Gil Junger award winning Director 10 Things I Hate About You, Think Like A Dog 12 /05/20

4.Judy Cook - CSA casting director 12/ 09/20

5.Michael Ojeda - Producer /Director / DP 12/12/20

6, Philip Andre Botello 12/16/20

7. Mark Valadez Writer | Producer |  Queen of The South 12/19/20

8. Bob Riley - 1st Asst. Director / Producer ( DGA) Emmy award winning producer / DGA award winning AD 12/20/20

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