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Last minute audition, need a little coaching? Looking for a class?


Need the perfect scene and coaching for your audition, that big meeting with an agent or going for a meeting with a big casting director?


I am here to help! I have years of auditioning and acting experience, and have coached many to land a role, some they thought they weren't right for!
Ongoing acting classes at The Secret Rose Theater in Noho. Private coaching for auditions and acting.
Empowering actors, entertainers and entrepreneurs worldwide.
Acting and audition coaching worldwide via Skype and local in Los Angeles in person!
Live In The Moment acting class $200 a month includes professional reel footage each month. Reel production at a fraction of the cost of my competitors, only the highest quality!


I coached my son, Zack Hopkins, for all his auditions and every week when he was on the sitcom Movie Stars on the WB as well as every role he ever did. Love working with children and teens too! Click on his name to see his IMDB.

2 veterans and 2 handicapped artists are invited to attend an entire month FREE including the footage for their reel!


Recent Work

Animals - Lead/writer/director *Award Winner Best Supporting Actress/Best acting duo/Best Thriller

Hitbaby - Pilot - Julia (also directed one episode)

Tippy Toes -Lead

True Cats - Pawla Persian, voice two characters

The Human Beans - Voice of two characters

Comic Book Zeros - Series Regular

Love Struck  - TV Series

Toxin - Feature Film

Beverly Hills Pawn - TV Series REELZ

The Doctors Show

Don't Trust Andrew Mayne on A&E


I have a lot of information and resources to share with you too!

Find out more about me, find out more about you, nail that audition!
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